robselfWho I am

. . . a seasoned practitioner with a career devoted to making a difference for those ʻin itʼ to make their own significant difference for their organizations and in the lives of people who work there.

Clients willing to challenge their own assumptions, improve their own functioning, and ʻgo firstʼ with the transformative changes they want with and from others. From the front lines to the executive suite in corporate, government, community, labor, and media organizations. Consultants as well, internal and external, seeking a mentor, coach, partner in the work.

My roots: grassroots community organizing, learning the nuts and bolts of political strategy, developing leaders, mobilizing a constituency for change.

 My formal education: a Masters in behavioral sciences with an emphasis on systemic theories and practices to manage complexity in relationships and organizations.

I start with this core assumption: generally, people have within them the resources, ingenuity, and imagination to respond to and succeed in the most challenging of circumstances.

This stance reflects my professional experience, yes; but as much my personal experience meeting the very real physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of my own life journey. In this sense I come to my calling as an educator and consultant with empathy for the trials my clients endure and with compassion for the courage required to make oneʼs own breakthroughs if others are to follow.

I invite you to do the same for your self.

My aim: help that is timely, relevant, and immediately useful