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About Change

Two steps forward, one back, three forward . . . change is a fickle thing, subject to the vagaries of life, the human condition, the capacity of those after it to tap their better selves — instincts and talents — to do well what needs to be done.

Yet, there are some knowns.

Here’s one: people have a strong self-interest to succeed, to create something of value for themselves and their future . . . and an enormous capacity to respond to the challenge.

The leader who moves in a direction that expands the horizons of what’s possible transforms that self-interest into a sustained constituency for change.

Three principles fuel this thinking, tested in the crucible of experience as a community organizer, leader and manager, and over many years as a consultant:

  • 1. Leadership itself – not a program, not training, not simply more consultants – is the intervention of choice to change a culture of behaviors, attitudes, and values.
  • 2. Maturity in a leader matters: calm is better than anxious; clear better than confused; connected better than controlling.
  • 3. Make a breakthrough at the ‘top,’ make a breakthrough everywhere; the character of organizations, regardless of structure, progress no further than the character and culture of the people who lead them.

Making leadership matter puts the status quo on notice as it readies people, emotionally and intellectually, for the challenges ahead . . .
and the courage to take the leap.

After all . . .

People who get their hands in and on change are always more likely to have their hearts and minds with change . . . and  your leadership of it!

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