If you’re facilitating change . . . *The ‘Triangled’ Consultant: From Rescue . . . to Responsibility

Being in the consultant role is to be naturally ‘caught’ between the hopes of your client and the challenges of turning those hopes into reality.

The emotional triangle: You . . . your client . . . the results she seeks.  How to help without rescuing, without interfering, without over functioning . . . yet not holding back either on what might  help her succeed.

The key:  discerning where your responsibility ends and her’s begins. Being proactive with your support yet challenging with your interventions to promote what’s required of her to succeed.

Support and challenge:  learn the difference, learn the balance, learn how to incorporate both in your practice to increase your influence . . . and the influence of your client to realize her goals.

Learn through theory and hands-on practice . . .

  • Contracting for purpose and clarity . . . and influence.
  • The action research process to promote more client learning, initiative, and responsibility.
  • Productive responses to resistance, your client’s and  how to manage your own!
  • An assessment tool for continuously improving the consulting process, relationship, and outcome.

*** Employed by staff organizations (HR, IT, QI) to improve consultancy role and competence with senior management.