Consult Groups

Learning with and from your peers

Leadership can be thought of as the ability to influence changes that expand the horizons of whatʼs possible for the organization and those invested in its success.

Alas, not without upsetting the status quo, for real change inevitably brings with it doubts, fears, and confusion of at least some whose commitment you seek.

The key, of course, is how to respond to the resistance to change, whatever its form, keeping yourself and the organization on track, focused, and out of crisis.

Just-in-Time Consultation Groups are designed to address this question,  strategically and tactically with the opportunity of connection and learning.

What: Organizational leaders seeking the perspectives of their peers as they initiate change and navigate its land mines of resistance to achieve better results for themselves, their colleagues . . . their organizations.

. . . learn models of systemic analysis for broader, deeper view of whatʼs really going on beneath the surface . . . see the pattern, know the pattern, change the pattern.

. . . present in confidence case studies for multiple assessments plus recommended strategic and tactical next steps.

. . . sharpen your own insights into the process of change itself and expand the opportunity of your role to influence more, better, faster.

. . . refresh your thinking with the thinking of others . . . your collegial network with the companionship of others.

How:  Didactic (models and methods) + experiential (dialogue and application).

When: 1/2 day, monthly. Limit 7 attendees

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