Hereʼs the Offer . . . in plain language


Consultations that go quickly to the crux of your challenges yielding pragmatic next steps navigating the tough stuff . . . as well as options for further professional and personal development in your role.


Executives, managers, consultants, project leads motivated in the face of adversity to modify what they do in pursuit of what they seek.


  1. I follow your lead . . . to the issue, the challenge, the stuck place. I listen until I get it, until you get that I get it and you. What you believe and why; where you stand now, and what you intend and how.
  2. I offer my perspective, a systemic way of seeing things you wonʼt have considered, yet; you tell me where that takes you, more often than not to your own newer ideas of how to better proceed toward the changes you want.
  3. I build on your new ideas plus offer my own with specific do now, do later, do never! recommendations. All aimed at getting unstuck, back on track . . . one, two, three steps forward . . . no steps backward.
  4. We play out various scenarios, anticipate various responses to your new initiatives including how to counter the inevitable resistance to changes in the status quo . . . and still move people with you toward the results you envision
  5. We assess the session: the learning, the outcomes, the process . . . plus the implications of all three for how to move forward with your plans, today.


When you’ve had it with what hasn’t . . . what isn’t  working and  you’re ready to explore alternative perspectives, strategies, and actions to achieve your goals.  Now, not later.

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