Dave Helwig, CEO, InfraSource Telecommunication Services, Philadelphia, PA

The challenge was to transform every aspect of the nuclear business at Philadelphia Energy with better performance and more disciplined approaches to executing the work. Rob helped me put together a multi-faceted strategy that put more leadership authority and accountability in the … [Read more...]

John Barnett, President and CEO, Rothmans Benson and Hedges, Toronto

As the CEO of Molson I wanted to break down the silo mentality and bring a management group together on the more complex business issues. He did a fantastic job helping us be more specific with our goals and more disciplined about what each area needed to do. I was amazed at the … [Read more...]

Stewart Henderson, Assistant Director Management Consulting Services, Washington Dept. of Labor and Industries

We made a complete turnaround from being a staff group seen as fairly irrelevant to one that now coaches agency leaders to improve performance and reduce costs. The savings to the Department alone amounts to several times our own department budget! Rob outlined a plan of action and … [Read more...]

Jeff Banister Director, Business Integration, J.D. Sweid Processing Vancouver, B.C.

As a new plant manager, I was scheduled to go away to a leadership school but I wanted something that also involved my staff. So, Rob's on-the-job process really appealed to me. What sets him apart is his ability to respond to what is happening in the moment and adjust to the issues … [Read more...]

Judy Pratt, Quality Services, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Bellingham, WA

I work on large multi-million dollar projects and what really counts is not just my formal role, but who I am and what I know from experience about the dilemmas of leadership. I can talk with Rob for five minutes and he'd get what's really going on and give me something concrete I … [Read more...]

Fadi Dagher, Plant Manager, Molson Breweries, Toronto

Rob helped me get better alignment on three levels - with union, upper management, and my own staff. He created an environment where we dealt honestly and openly with real business issues at the same time we were building the team. A powerful process! You can imagine going through … [Read more...]

Dale Scriven, Private Practice, Vice President of HR Molson Breweries

Rob asks the right questions at the right time. He's very direct at putting his finger on stuff that is not obvious to anyone but in fact is preventing progress. We had a situation with the executive team where better decisions were not being made because concerns and differences … [Read more...]

Ethan Van Eck, Operations Manager, Community Health Services Department of Public Health for Seattle and King County, Wa.

The recent reorganization geared toward more accountability at the supervisory levels had also reduced the number of managers from ten to five, creating a lot of static in terms of the restructuring of their roles and responsibilities. At the same time I was headed for retirement in … [Read more...]

Joe Tessier, Executive Director International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 117, Seattle, Wa.

117 is the third largest Teamsters Local in the country having merged with a number of other locals, gone from 14 to 41 employees, and consolidating five offices into one, a lot of restructuring in a relatively short period of time! We found our culture -- the way we worked with one … [Read more...]

Bart Richter, Operations Manager, Applus+ Technologies, Kent, Washington

In the training and coaching work he did he took a real interest in what we were doing, the changes we’d like to see, and tailored everything to what was important to me and the company, not just delivering another canned product. In fact, the training itself is led by Rob with me … [Read more...]