Hereʼs the thinking . . . hereʼs the territory

I start with this core assumption: generally, people have the resources, ingenuity, and imagination to succeed in the most challenging circumstances with others.

The critical variable is often less what  the challenge is, and more how  one learns to respond to it differently with a few key principles in play:

  1. Change upsets the status quo, regardless of your intentions here comes the push back, so . . . learn to expect it, anticipate it, better comprehend it.
  2. Perspective counts in the crunch . . . learn to objectively assess your experience, discern what matters most, define a path that moves people with you.
  3. How you manage your self with resistance is key . . . calm is better than anxious, clear better than confused, connected better than cut-off.
  4. Those with goals do better than those without . . . a desired future compels progress as it does the energy, creativity, and commitment to achieve it.

Bottom Line . . .

It may well be the breakthroughs you’re looking for in others start with the ones you make with yourself first

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